Christine Hill

Marketing and Communications Director

Email: [email protected]

Christine has spent her entire career working with community-based non-profit organizations in Vermont to grow, engage, and delight their audiences, and she's thrilled to work in service to the farmers sustaining her and her community. Christine's approach to mission-driven marketing and communications calls on the behavioral sciences, data, and anthropological approaches to story-telling. She's deeply passionate about using marketing concepts to shift culture and build social change movements, often reciting thought leader Seth Godin's catchphrase, "People like us do things like this," which invites us to align our messages with people's personal challenges and narratives so that they see themselves in our work building a more resilient food and farming system. Christine lives in Burlington and spends her spare time riding bikes, making art, hosting dinner parties, and transforming her backyard into a biodiverse urban homestead oasis.

Christine Tyler Hill NOFA-VT