CARETAKER LIKE SITUATION with homesteading opportunities

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Jinny Hardy Cleland
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Seeking a person or couple interested in private rustic cabin living on a beautiful farm with camping, in exchange for part time work in three areas --- handyman and property maintenance including chainsaw work, campground hospitality and assisting the single owner still living and working on the property. Garden and pasture space available. The work would be flexible part time hours with the option of off farm or on line work as well, with possible office space available in the main farm house.

  1. 1. Experience with grounds care, carpentry, and misc. repairs. Chainsaw ownership and experience. Should have a passion for caring for a working landscape and undertaking improvements.
  2. 2. Occasional campground guest interactions, hosting responsibilities and some facility care
  3. 3. Assisting the owner with small jobs or projects in ways that make it possible for a single person to continue to live and work on the property. Farm enterprises include spring greenhouses, a small amount of poultry, a wide variety of fruit.
  4. Housing –A tiny house or rustic cabin to be brought or built for this person. Interested people should want to settle in for a while, a full year commitment at least.