Fresh Roots Farm

Certified Organic
Farm Stand
Host Name
Colemann Colburn
Describe yourself, your family, background, farming experience, philosophy, goals and interests.
I have been farming for 11 years, 4 of which have been running this operation. I have two daughters; 6 and 1 month, both of whom are big parts of everyday farm life.
Describe your farm operation
We have been farming for 4 years, full time. There is little to no outside income. We sell high end area restaurants and one farmers market. Crops are picked.and sales.
Phone Number
Describe your farm's physical setting and community in which you live
There are ten field acres and 500 wood acres in the white river valley. We sit 100 feet above the white river across from route 14, in Sharon. We have 2 green houses, one field tunnel and one prop houses.
Best Time to Reach by Phone
After 6:00a.m befors 8:00p.m
Are all crops and animals raised organically? If not, to what degree are organic methods used on your farm?
Crops are raised organically, although we are not certified.
Work Type
Apprentice(s) and Farm Worker(s)
How many apprentices do you need?
Select Room & Board Benefits
How many workers do you need?
Self contained attached apartment with own shower and bathroom available after August 1st. Apartment is its own unit.
Describe the skills to be learned by apprentices.
Seeding and planting times/schedules, crop nutrition, harvest/packaging practices and marketing skills. Basically, how to run a successful small business
Seasonal farm apprentice/field hand. Intensive and sustainable vegetable cropping of four acres for farmers markets and high end restaurant accounts. Seeding, planting, weeding, cultivating, harvesting and packing mixed vegetables.
Explain how you will provide instruction and training to an apprentice and the extent of supervision by you or others.
I am in the fields 12-15 hours per day. I personally oversee and carry out all farm duties. Supervision will done directly by me.
Describe your expectations of work to be performed. Please also characterize whether it is physically strenuous.
Work is outside in all elements. Hand weeding for long chunks of time, 4 or more hours. Most work is done by hand, with.some mechanized cultivation. Ideal candidates would be able to lift up to 50#, work 8 or more hours in all types of weather and have a love for growing food
Monday-friday 6a.m-4p.m. wages will be reflective of experience and enthusiasm.
Stipend Available
Wage to be determined
Wage based on experience
Trial Period Information
No trial period