Marketing Materials for Certified Producers

Welcome, certified organic producers! These resources are meant to help you better promote your products and organic certification to your customers. Questions? Contact VOF at (802) 434-3821 or [email protected].


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VOF logo bundle

Vermont Certified Organic / Vermont Organic Farmers logo bundle for web and print use.

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Vermont Organic Farmers logo bundle


Organic Matters video 

Embed this beautiful, 10-minute video on your website or share it on social media to help tell the story of organic in Vermont. 

Organic Matters

Why Organic? video series

5 consumer-focused video clips, designed for easy sharing online, to show the importance and value of organic production. Each video features one benefit, or value, of buying organic products: “No GMOs”, “Taste, “Stewardship”, “Community” and “Integrity”.  These values are articulated by organic growers in Vermont, and were filmed on-farm, providing an intimate glimpse into the world of sustainable agriculture.

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3 x 5 Price Cards 

For your farmers' market or farm stand. Print on index cards for single-use signs, or laminate and use a dry-erase marker to reuse again and again.

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3x5 Price Cards

5.5 x 8.5 Good Reasons Rack Card 

With "5 Good Reasons to Buy Certified Organic, Locally Grown" on one side and "Why Certified Organic?" on the other.

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5 Reasons to Choose Organic

11 x 17 Posters

With taglines "Healthier for Your Family," "Better for the Land" and "Tastes Great." 

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11x17 Poster - Healthier for your family

11 x 17 Poster: 5 Good Reasons to Choose Poster 

5 good reasons to choose certified organic, locally grown. This is the same as the front of our rack cards.

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11x17 Good Reasons Poster

VOF stickers large & small

Other VOF materials available for purchase

Order laminated price cards, "5 Reasons" rack cards, VOF logo stickers, hats or magnets, and other materials from the VOF office.

To order, call (802) 434-4122 or send a message to [email protected].


Images for web/email/social media use   

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Information and talking points:

5 Good Reasons to Choose Certified Organic, Locally Grown — We've compiled information from many sources to elaborate on and back up the claims on our 5 Reasons brochure. This is a good link to send your customers! You can use the short-link

What You Should Be Saying About Organic Farming — PDF from the Midwest Organic and Sustainable Education Service (MOSES). This sheet has great tips for using positive language to describe your practices (like "Organic management has improved my soil"), rather than statements about what organic avoids (such as, "I don't use chemical fertilizers").

Organic CAN Feed the World — PDF from MOSES. Evidence from several long-term studies that show that organic management systems equal or outperform conventional, especially in years of extreme weather.