Convening Farmers for NOFA-VT's Long-Term Financial Planning Cohort

A farmer selling seedlings to a customerNOFA-VT is convening a cohort of experienced farmers (those who consider themselves beyond start-up phase) who are looking to use what they have learned in their early years of farming to develop a plan for long-term viability for the farm. This program will help you clarify your goals, improve the financial tools used to guide the business, and create a clear path forward for the farm.

This intensive program will consist of 4 sessions that each include a group presentation with question and answer time, breakout working sessions, check-in time with business planners, and time for group sharing, learning, and feedback. Meredith Davis will be the lead instructor with support from NOFA-VT Farm Business Advisor Bill Cavanaugh.

The cohort will meet online from 9:00 - 2:00 on January 19th, January 26th, February 2nd, and February 9th.

Program Goals

Develop business and personal goals to guide business decisions for the next 3-5 years.
Review the business financials and discuss what the growth potential is for the business under different scenarios.
Consider questions that are facing the farm (e.g. purchasing equipment, expanding staffing, paying down debt, how much to save for retirement) and learn how to evaluate the options using financial analysis.
Learn from other farmers about what metrics they use to evaluate if things are on track. Decide which metrics matter most for their own farm.
Create a farm budget that reflects decisions made during the course.


To apply for the cohort, please complete this short intake form.