Ways to support farmers impacted by this week’s devastating flood

We are so grateful to you! So many of you have reached out to offer support to farmers and farmworkers during this time of great need. Below you’ll find some ways you can help. Thank you for your generosity and community!

Consider a Donation

There are several different local funds you can donate to that are mobilizing resources to support farmers:

  • NOFA-VT’s Farmer Emergency Fund provides grants and 0% loans to certified organic and NOFA-VT member farms experiencing emergencies that can’t be covered by insurance. Donations you make to this Fund will be quickly mobilized to farms as they repair from the storm. 




We’re hearing from farmers that many need volunteer labor. While they assess the damage, we are collecting a list of folks who would be interested in volunteering when farms are ready. If you’d like to be put on our volunteer list, please fill out this quick form and we’ll be in touch when a farm expresses need in your area.

Buy Local

Investing in local farms is more important than ever. As local farmers markets and farm stands get back up and running, please support them. Consider signing-up and paying early for your next CSA season. Ask them how else you can help! You can also support local producers by picking up their products at your local Co-op or natural food store. Use our searchable directory to find a farm or farmers market to support near you! 

Advocate for Policies that Result in a More Resilient Food System

While providing immediate support to mitigate the challenges farms are experiencing right now is critical, our work at NOFA-VT is also about advocating for longer-term systems changes and policy reforms that will lead to a more just and climate-resilient food system.

We need YOUR HELP to put pressure on our elected officials to advocate for a farm bill that is transformative and will set in motion the transition away from a system of farming and food that is guided by profit and competition and exploits land, people, and livestock. Sign up here to receive a pre-stamped postcard and help us inundate our federal delegation with calls to action! 

With your support, we successfully got $6.9 million of relief funds for organic dairy farms in this year’s state budget. Now, your voice is critical in these efforts at the federal level! 

Please Help Us Spread the Word

If you have friends or family you think would be interested in getting involved, please forward this email to them so they can get connected too. We’re stronger together!