Our Approach to Advocacy

We advocate on behalf of our members to build a food and farming system where farmers can thrive, natural systems are healthy and functioning, and everyone has enough nourishing food to eat.

In support of our mission of building a food and farming system where people and land can thrive, we engage in policy and advocacy in three ways:

Collage of two photos: A farmer talks to two other adults outside a greenhouse and a group of five people walk down a dirt road holding signs that read "don't water down organic" and "soil not oil".

1) Grassroots Advocacy and Action

We believe that we must focus on creating supportive conditions to bring forward farmers’ and farmworkers' voices and empower them to participate in the democratic process. In order to increase democratic member leadership in Vermont’s organic food movement, we focus on offering accessible opportunities, including tools and training, to support farmer/farmworkers' activism and participation in the democratic process.  

2) Direct Advocacy

By having a consistent presence in the Vermont State House and in the federal policy arena, we develop, tend, and call on relationships with key decision-makers, proactively put forward policies that support our mission, track policy issues as they arise, ensure farmers are aware of critical times to make their voices heard, and advocate directly on behalf of our members when necessary. 

3) Coalition Building

We are more powerful when we come together. By participating in state-level, regional, and national coalitions and partnerships, we develop intersectional alliances that bridge race, socioeconomic status, rural vs. urban, and more. Working in coalitions helps us to broaden our view of effective change-making strategies, share resources, and build a larger and more powerful collective working for a thriving future. 

Dig Into Our Current Work:

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State Policy Priorities

Learn more about our current efforts to improve local policy.

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Federal Policy Priorities

Learn more about our current efforts to improve national policy.