Clun Forest Ewes

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Constance Helstosky
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I have between 5 and 10 purebred Clun Forest Ewes I am looking to sell. They are from 4 months to 6 years old and will range in price from $250-400. I have not dewormed since I purchased my original flock in 2020. I have really focused on self-reliant sheep that are good at maintaining body condition on marginal pasture. I do supplement with Green Mountain Feeds organic alfalfa pellets in order to move them and through the harder parts of winter as these girls spend winter outside with minimal shelter. They are up to date on their CD&T. All of my adult ewes lambed successfully and raised their lamb without help (even ewe lambs) this year 2023. Only reason I am selling is I am due at the end of this month, and our hay crop was down this year due to flooding. I have already culled fairly heavily in the past three years so every ewe I have now has been selected for health, worm resilience and overall great production characteristics. Would make a great starter flock or addition to an already established "naturally" raised flock.