Farming job available

Phone Number

We are hiring Part time now and Full and part time April-November. To join our funky crew  in Waterbury Vt , send an email to [email protected] . Do you like: extreme and pleasant weather, having a satisfying day of hard work, working independently or with others, drinking lots of water, being silly, have a positive attitude. 
We go to summer Saturday Burlington Farmers Market, have a farm stand on the property, design and install weddings, DIY weddings, deliver daily designs and deliver to florist. 
Tho before we can have beautiful flowers they need: seeding, transplanting, weeding, watering (some years),  mulching and harvesting. Flower farming is very  similar to veggie farming, tho the end product is often less heavy.

Experence is not necessary but is great.  Must enjoy getting your hands dirty. 

Nicole DAgata, The Painted Tulip