NEK (West Glover) Camping space in exchange for general assistance

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John A Gunterman
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I find myself in a bother with being confined to a wheelchair for about the next 6 months and could use a hand around the farm with help growing out my breeder / replacement large fowl  Chantecler ( APA Standard Bred ; -) 

I have a pop-up camper in storage behind the barn we can pull out and set up, Probably preferably is a nice dry and insulated with electric, but no water, space on the second floor above a two car garage.

Also my neighbor right across the road has several darling campsites available, in exchange for some general help on the property.

They are not renting to the public this summer, only looking for cool folks to stay in exchange for some help spiffing the place up!


240 Rodgers Rd.

West Glover, VT.