Office Manager

Tom Gilbert
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Black Dirt Farm is an agroecological farm in Stananrd. We collect discarded food from off of the farm, which then kicks of a series of integrated enterprises on the farm, including raising laying hens for eggs and meat, making compost and worm castings, and growing crops. The Office Manager role is central to the farm's operations, ensuring products are sold, customer needs are met, and financial and other records are well-managed. The Office Manager role includes managing the farm's books and overall financials, processing payroll, maintaining packaging inventory, ensuring order fulfillment, and sales. Black Dirt Farm is committed to cultivating a thriving work culture in addition to a thriving farm system, and aspires to create a work environment that draws on the unique capacities and experiences of each person. Working here requires individuals to be equally committed to these outcomes as well. For more information, please visit our website