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Jerome Rigot
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Tags: vegetable ferments; sauerkrauts; kimchi; fermented hot sauces; kvass and wild-fermented fruit sodas

Hello farmers!

Making a living growing and selling organic vegetables is fulfilling and rewarding life work. However, it is hard work full of challenges, and there are many other organic farmers competing for customers, so the profit margin is narrow.

It is a well-established fact that value-added products are made using vegetables, milk, meat, grains, etc... produced on the farm can significantly boost farmers' income. But, due to the long hours of hard work required to grow organic vegetables, farmers rarely have the time or energy to develop such additional enterprises on their farm.

My name is Jerome, I am a former organic vegetable grower, and I have a great deal of experience creating, marketing and selling various fermented vegetables, sauerkrauts, kimchi, hot sauces, vegetables kvass, shiitake and oyster mushrooms as well as artisan sourdough bread at farmers markets.  

I would take great pleasure in helping you develop such products. In addition, I can help you transform low value items, i.e.; imperfect “ugly” vegetables and fruits, fruit pomace, wild-foraged herbs, fruits and mushrooms into valuable value-added products such as beautiful vegetable ferments, tasty pestos and salsas, artisan vinegars, wild fermented sodas, fruit kvass, dried herbs and mushrooms, etc...

My goal is to help you set up and run a sustainable value-added business based on your farm’s production and the resources of the surrounding land. I can organize and manage marketing and sales as needed. I have experience contacting health food stores, chefs, co-ops, and doing food demonstrations at farmers markets. I am passionate about this work.

What I need: access to a certified kitchen, either on the farm or nearby (community kitchen, commercial kitchen, etc..), a walk-in cooler to store fermented products, a work area, a starting budget (to be determined) keeping in mind that I will quickly generate my own budget based on a percentage of my sales. And of course, a place to live with food provided.

Does additional income sound appealing? Need help to make it happen? Don’t hesitate to call me, help is only a call away.  

I can also come to your farm strictly as a consultant to help you evaluate the local markets and financial resources and determine what potential value-added business could be realistically developed that would fit best with your farm production, location, and resources.

I look forward to discussing in person details, logistics, and potential business ideas with you.