We are Hiring! Seeking a Collection Route Operator and a Chicken Tender

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Black Dirt Farm
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We are currently hiring for two part-time roles: Chicken Tender and Collection Route Operator. These could also be combined into a full-time role.
Please visit our website for full job descriptions: https://www.blackdirtfarm.com/employment
Black Dirt Farm is a diversified farm in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont that mimics the carbon cycle in an attempt to develop an economically viable, community-based agro-ecological model. We operate five dovetailed enterprises: food scrap collection, laying hens (foraged on compost), compost, worm castings, and crops. After collecting organic discards from our community we strive to put the organic material to as much positive use as we can. First, we blend the food scraps into a compost mix which provides forage for our laying hens. We then make compost and worm castings with the excess food and manure. Finally, we sell and use the resulting products to nourish our soils and crops. Our family farm is firmly based in regenerative agricultural practices and the creation of sustainable food systems.