Bedded Pack Manure Management Workshop

Choiniere Family Farm, 2465 Gore Rd., Highgate, VT 05459
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Bob Thompson, NRCS VT State Engineer
802-951-6796 x232
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A well-managed bedded pack facility not only provides comfortable and healthy housing for livestock; it can also provide an alternative to storing and handling manure as a liquid and can provide an organic nutrient source that improves the health and fertility of soils on your farm.

This free one-day workshop will help you understand how to properly manage and maintain a bedded pack facility while maximizing herd health and comfort. NRCS will help you calculate the volume of bedding required and the annual costs to purchase bedding.

Program Features:

  • Pros and cons of using bedded packs
  • Building sizes & bedding calculation
  • Operation & maintenance costs
  • Management & bedding options
  • NRCS cost-share requirements
  • Information to take home
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