Food & Climate Panel: Beyond Carbon Markets

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Join NOFA-NH and Seacoast Permaculture for a panel discussion and Q&A that asks: if not carbon markets and other payment for ecosystem (PES) programs, then what would work to support farmers who responsibly care for our ecosystem while feeding people?  A previous panel addressed issues with current carbon market and PES programs and the challenges of trying to monetize carbon sequestration or best ecological farming practices.  In this program, we welcome back our panelists to look at the alternatives we know work and ones being proposed that hold promise to truly support healthy growing practices.  How we grow food has serious implications for the climate, biodiversity and human health.  We need to make changes now, whether on our own farms or by supporting growers as they shift practices.  There are solutions - let's talk about how to reach them!

Panel: Cat Buxton, Julie Davenson, Earl Hatley, Caroline Gordon, and Stephen Leslie

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