Queer Botany Series: Plants & Their Pollinators

Red Wagon Plants, 2408 Shelburne Falls Road, Hinesburg VT, 05461
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Sophie Cassel
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The queer botany series, presented by Kat Consler, invites LGBTQIA+ folks and allies to explore the plant world through a queer lens and inspires to bring this knowledge into their own botanizing and gardening practices. We will learn some basic botany and explore our relationship with plants. The classes are interactive and designed for experienced gardeners and budding plant nerds alike. Want to find the queerest plant in your neighborhood? This is the class for you!

Sign up for a single class or take the whole series. The classes are mostly stationary and will involve some walking on uneven terrain. This series is offered in partnership with the Pride Center of Vermont. Registration required.

June is U.S. National Pollinators Month! In this second class our focus is on the interactions between plants and insects, as well as other third parties that plants invite - and rely on - in order to reproduce. Who’s doing it with whom and what’s the best method of seduction?

We strive to make garden education accessible to everyone. For information on scholarships and discounts, please contact [email protected].

Please check again later for more events!