Using Fluid Therapy to Treat Sick Cows (Zoom webinar part of Dairy Herd Health Workshop Series)

This webinar will teach about common diseases on dairy farms and how fluid therapy is a useful treatment tool. Participants will learn about the different ways to administer fluids and the supplies needed to do it correctly.

UVM Extension is offering a Dairy Herd Health workshop series from July--November, hosted by veterinarian Dr. Dayna Locitzer. The series starts with 3 on-farm sessions this summer, followed by 3 webinars this fall.

All workshops are free and registration is required at:

Dr. Dayna Locitzer has over 10 years’ experience working with pasture-based dairies in the Northeast. She currently works as a large animal veterinarian at Green Mountain Bovine Clinic in Chesterfield, N.H. and worked on organic dairy farms in New York’s Hudson Valley for 6 years before starting veterinary school.

Zoom link will be sent to registered participants prior to sessions.

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