Vegetable Cost of Production

NOFA-VT has worked with over 30 organic vegetable farmers to track and analyze their field crop costs of production.  

In 2019, NOFA-VT worked with 5 organic farms in Vermont on salad mix production costs. 

In 2016, three NOFA chapters- Vermont, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts- worked with 30 organic vegetable farmers to determine the cost of production of vegetable crops commonly grown in the Northeast.  Each farmer selected one to three crops and received technical assistance in tracking and analyzing data for those crops.  The results were then aggregated on a per acre basis to serve as metrics in farmers' crop and production planning and to assist farmers in strategically increasing the profitability of their farm businesses.

The nine factsheets are available below.  Six crop factsheets present cost of production data for potatoes, onions, carrots, winter squash, lettuce, and salad mix.  Supplemental factsheets present crop profitability comparisons, whole-farm financial metrics, and tips for success when undertaking cost of production analysis.

You will also find a link below to download the cost of production workbook developed as part of this project. 

Contact Jen Miller with any questions about this project.  

This work was made possible by the Vermont Specialty Crop Block Grant Program.