Winter Farmers Market Info Cards

Do you want to increase sales at your winter farmers market? NOFA-VT has created a series of info cards to help promote products at the winter market and encourage customers to buy more local food.

Below you will find info cards that you can print and bring with you to the winter market. You will also find detailed instructions on how to promote these cards and increase customer engagement. 

These info cards can be used just as a handout at the winter market, or you can add in a social media promotion and prize drawing to ecourage your customers to share these cards with their networks through social media. This will help increase awareness about your farm, your products, and help to bring in new customers. 

If you would like to track the impact of these cards, there is a Winter Market Info Card Metrics spreadsheet that will walk you through how to track the effectiveness of the info cards by recording market sales and social media followers (if you are running a promotion).

If you have questions, please contact Bill Cavanaugh at [email protected] or 802-434-4122.