ACTION ALERT: Call your rep to save organic dairies



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Vermont organic dairy farms are important for our environment.


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Every lost organic dairy farm makes Vermont less climate resilient, less economically resilient, less food secure, and less beautiful. 



Listen to the farmers.

On January 26, 2023, seven organic dairy farmers testified in a joint hearing of the House Agriculture, Food Resiliency and Forestry Committee and the Senate Agriculture Committee.

Here are some highlights:



Phone watercolorWhat you can do:

Our representatives are discussing and potentially voting on this issue THIS WEEK!

You can help by making time before Friday, February 3rd to:

1. Find your representatives here.

2. Email or call them with this message (feel free to personalize or write something in your own words!):

I'm writing to encourage you to support the proposal providing organic dairy farms $9.2 million in relief. Vermont's organic dairy farms are economic engines in our rural economies and make Vermont more food resilient all while improving our soils, protecting our waterways, and promoting biodiversity. Vermont's organic dairies give our state its character and brand and contribute to its culture of caring for people and planet. We need organic dairies in our future, and right now they need our support. 

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Thank you for supporting Vermont organic farmers!

Once this bill passes through the house, our state senators will need to hear from you, too. Stay tuned for another advocacy alert in the coming weeks.

And one more thing: we'd like to share our gratitude with members of the house agriculture committee who have championed this issue. If your rep is on this committee, please take a moment to thank them for taking care of Vermont's organic farmers!

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