Vermont CRAFT Programs

The Collaborative Regional Alliance for Farmer Training (CRAFT) seeks to educate farm workers who are interested in becoming farmers themselves by providing a diversity of on-farm educational experiences throughout the season.

CRAFT gatherings are held on a monthly basis throughout the state during the summer season on participating farms. Each gathering includes a farm tour, workshop, and social networking time. Participants learn about a diversity of farm topics and farm systems, have the opportunity to network with other apprentices, interns, and farm workers in the region, and meet other CRAFT farmers.

Benefits of Farmer Participation:

  • CRAFT farms attract serious aspiring farmers, because they are committed to training and education. This influx of aspiring growers results in dependable seasonal labor, and more promise for the future of our state’s agriculture.
  • Enhance and strengthen your apprenticeship program by expanding the training opportunities beyond your farm and methods, and share the mentoring responsibilities with the CRAFT community of farmers.
  • An opportunity to share your personal expertise with aspiring farmers and the chance to network with other CRAFT farmers
  • More knowledgeable and engaged employees
  • Increased camaraderie between local farmers; idea-exchange on everything from what kind of irrigation fittings are best to how to structure farm labor.
  • Farm worker and apprentice services are available through NOFA-VT, to assist farmers and workers in finding one another. 

Benefits of Farm Worker and Apprentice Participation:

  • Provides a social scene for farm workers and apprentices. Getting off the farm once a month and networking with folks who are immersed in a similar experience supports the community of aspiring farmers.
  • Creates a support network for beginning and experienced farmers building community in the region.
  • Offers structured educational and social experiences throughout the season on varying farm operations.
  • An opportunity to gain more knowledge in the art and science of sustainable agricultural production methods.
  • Farm worker and apprentice services are available through NOFA-VT, to assist farmers and workers in finding one another. 

Interested in working on or becoming a CRAFT Farm? 
Participating CRAFT Programs in Vermont:

CRAFT is made possible by our farmer participants, partner organization: Vital Communities, and by funding from the Vermont Working Lands Enterprise Initiative.