Crop Cash Resources for Program Organizers

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2022 Program General Resources

The following materials provide details about implementing the Crop Cash program at your farmers market.

  • Program Overview (doc)
  • Dates of Importance (doc)
  • Market Agreement Form (doc)
  • 3SquaresVT Customer Types (doc
  • Vendor Agreement Form (doc)


Outreach Materials

CLICK HERE for outreach materials such as flyers and posters.

Use this Sample Press Release (doc) to share with your local news outlet about the Crop Cash Program. 


Data Tracking & Reporting Resources

We use basic data from farmers markets to communicate the impact of the Crop Cash Program to stakeholders—state legislators, private donors, and community members—who do not interact with your market every day. Data-driven stories drive policy. On this page, you will find some tools to assist your market with data collection and to help you effectively tell your market’s story and its impact on the community.

Required Data for Crop Cash Program

Markets that participate in the Crop Cash Program must submit transaction, redemption, and post-market data for each market date on FM Tracks 2.0. These reporting requirements are discussed in detail in the “Data Reporting” section of the Market Agreement Form linked at the top of this page.

    Market Data Log Templates (for use on each market day)

    These templates can be used during a market day to track data. At the end of the month when you enter this data into FM Tracks 2.0, you can use the "Crop Cash Data Portal Template Spreadsheet" below for easy upload. 

    • Daily Transaction Log (pdf): helps you track SNAP/EBT and Crop Cash transactions during the market day
    • Vendor Reimbursement Log (pdf): helps you track SNAP/EBT and Crop Cash redeemed by vendors during the market day
    • (additional resourceVendor Sales & Reimbursement Tracking Slip (doc) (pdf): can be given to vendors to help them track their SNAP/EBT and Crop Cash sales
    • Market Summary Data Sheet (pdf): helps you track all required data for each market day (transactions, redemptions, and post-market data)


    FM Tracks 2.0 Resources (for use when entering data monthly)

    • Crop Cash FM Tracks 2.0 Guide (pdf): directs Vermont markets using Crop Cash to relevant information in the User Manual & Guide (below).
    • FM Tracks 2.0 User Manual & Guide (pdf): contains step-by-step instructions for inputting required data in FM Tracks 2.0, which you collected using the tools above. Market transaction, redemption, and post-market data should be entered into FM Tracks 2.0 monthly during the market season.
    • Crop Cash Data Portal Template Spreadsheet (xls): helps you easily upload data into FM Tracks 2.0.


    Other Tips and Tricks

    • Creating Pivot Tables in Excel (ppt)
    • Utilizing the Reports Function on FM Tracks (webinar)


    SNAP/EBT Resources

    • Manual vouchers for print (pdf)
    • Manual Voucher Instructions (pdf)
    • EBT/SNAP Processing Common Questions (pdf)