Meet the Farmers: Mat & Guy Choiniere

Did you know that when you buy Organic Valley products, you're supporting certified Vermont Organic dairy farmers like Mat and Guy

Mat and Guy Choiniere on Choiniere Family Farm in Highgate, Vermont

Guy's grandparents started dairy farming in Highgate in 1945 with a herd of 14 cows.

His dad took over the farm. Then Guy. Now, Guy's son Mat. Five generations!

Holstein Cows on Choiniere Family Farm in Highgate, Vermont

Guy transitioned the conventional dairy farm to organic in 2005 in search of more pay stability and a better life for his family and his herd.

Now Choiniere Family Farm manages a herd of about 90 Holsteins and is part of the Organic Valley co-op. The certified Vermont Organic farm is renowned for its intensive rotational grazing practices, land stewardship, and conservation.

An Organic Valley sign on a barn at Choiniere Family Farm

Guy described a multi-year project planting 5,000 trees and restoring a river bank on his organic farm as "addicting." When we saw how organic farming could
increase the biodiversity of the local ecosystem and engage the broader community in land stewardship, he couldn't stop.

Guy Choiniere moving hay on Choiniere Family Farm in Highgate, Vermont

A couple years ago, the Choinieres received a Vermont Family Farmer of the Month Award to help fund a new milking parlor which brought much-needed efficiency
to their operation.

Mat Choiniere working in the milking parlor on Choiniere Family Farm

With the time and energy saved by the milking parlor, Mat says they're able to prioritize other work to make
their farm more viable, including:
🌳 exploring agroforestry
🌰 adding more diversity by planting nut trees and raising poultry and pork
🍽 opening a farm store to feed their community in Highgate
🪱 knowledge sharing with other farmers around the state who are as obsessed with soil health and happy cows as they are


Choiniere Family Farm in Highgate, Vermont

We love the Choinieres and all of Vermont's organic dairy farms!

You can support them by buying Organic Valley and Stonyfield, and seeking out local Vermont organic dairy brands–just look for the Vermont Organic label!

Guy Choiniere on Choiniere Family Farm in Highgate, Vermont

Shout out to Copper, the barn kitty.


Copper the barn kitty at Choiniere Family Farm in Highgate, Vermont